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Help the environment while saving on energy

You can see how you can do your part in saving the environment without spending a lot of money on making your home energy efficient. You will benefit by our honest service and work.

During a Comprehensive Energy Assessment we bring in our equipment and do several tests to simulate a "worst-case" scenario for air leakage in your building. Our blower door equipment creates this simulation and our thermal imaging camera allows us to find all the places in your home or office where air is leaking in or out that may not be apparent to the naked eye. You will then have us take this information and use it to update your house.

Energy assessment details:

Using this information, we provide you with a detailed list of recommended measures you can take to improve the safety and energy efficiency of your building. Applying these measures generally translates into dollars saved on your electric, gas, or propane bill. This means that you will be saving on both energy and money.

After an energy assessment:

Home energy assessment service


You will have the latest and best technologies put to use in your house and office building and save on energy and money.

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